Italy – The ruins

We took a ferry from Barcelona to Italy. The weather is beautiful, there are mountains on one side of us and the sea is on the other. 

Shane says:

The ferry from Barcelona was pretty fun, but at one point we got a bit cramped up. We had an awesome little cabin with a view of the sea, and bunk beds – which were really cool. I slept like a baby.

When we finally got there, we stayed at a nice family’s house for one night. The view from that place was amazing.

We drove to Pompeii, which was super cool. We saw the ruins. I ended up finding a cool lava rock. A magma rock. You could see where the oxygen bubbles are from cooling down.

The first ruins we saw were very very big and we couldn’t cover it all. It was a city called Pompeii. We also checked out a smaller city of ruins the next day called Herculaneum.

In Pompeii we saw bodies that had been buried by sludge and dirt. It was so sad to think how so many people died and lost their homes and families. As well as people, we also saw a dog that had been preserved too.They looked like they were just cement, but that was the effects of the volcano.

There were lots of things they discovered, like pots and paintings and furniture. We saw paintings on the wall and mosaic tiles on the floor. If you ever plan to go to Europe you have to go. I highly recommend it.

Some of the buildings were broken in half but it was amazing to see what survived. I feel like more of Herculaneum survived and we could see more of what it was like to live back then, but it was interesting to see what survived. It’s a historical treasure and I hope the volcano doesn’t go off again – because then it would be totally ruined.

We have discovered gelato! We know it as ice cream, but it’s a bit different than ice cream. It’s not as hard and less thick, more creamy and icy. Mom thinks we should eat it every day. I agree.

After Pompeii, we drove down the coast and saw amazing ports. We stayed in the south in a city called Regio di Calabria for the night. We are heading to Sicily, which is the largest island in Italy. It’s a pretty short ferry ride, felt like we got off right after we got on. Not like the ride from Barcelona to Italy. It was overnight, 22 hours.

I like being on boats. The ferries are really big. We can drive our car onto them and then we drive it off when we get to the other side, which was definitely a new experience to us.

Sullivan says:

I like that we got to sleep on the ferry. There was an arcade and restaurant. There was a pool but it wasn’t warm enough to go swimming.

The ruins in Pompeii were incredible. The buildings and paintings survived the volcano. We walked around the place and it was pretty hot. My brother got a bit of a sunburn. He always gets sunburned. (Mom edit: Shane always gets a bit red. His skin is naturally translucent.)

I love the gelato. I’m glad that we get to eat it every day! I also love the sea. I get to use my slingshot to shoot rocks into the sea. It’s fun to dig in the sand and play around near the water. I hope it gets warm and we can go swimming!