Fun in France!

We’ve been driving around France – there’s so much to see!

Shane says: Reims, actually they kind of pronounce it Ramps, is very fancy. I thought everything looked really fancy but also very touristy. It is famous for Champagne and the Cathedral de Notre Dame – where all of the kings of France were coronated.

Mom is a very big fan of Champagne. And dad seems to like it too. Dad does not drink too much, except for special occasions. But when it comes to fancy Champagne, he can’t resist!

We went to visit where Champagne is originally made. We visited the Champagne house of Taittinger. The cellars are all under the city – and they’re huge! There were 2 million bottles down there. Taitinger has a bigger location just outside the city that has over 24 million bottles, but the one in Reims that we visited was the original old location. The caves were actually chalk mines that were dug out in the 4th century and are now a UNESCO Heritage Site.

I got to taste Champagne. The place was cool. It was fun to see the old mines.

After that we went to see Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims. It was big and the stained glass windows were very big and beautiful. The light that came in went through the stained glass and made all the light come out in different colours. Parts of the place were bombed in World War 2 and you could see the new stained was newer and more vibrant. The whole story behind this church is that all the kings of France would go there to be crowned. And married.

After Reims we drove to Seurre. It’s not famous for anything, but went there because we wanted to stay in a castle. Mom and Dad surprised us with this castle.

It was no ordinary castle – it was called Geek Castle because it was filled with arcade style video games, Star Wars things, Air Hockey, a Play Station, a slot machine (that mom and I played a lot, it didn’t even cost us money) a pool table, electronic darts – and candy!

Our room was filled with Star Wars X-Wing Fighter beds and sheets. Our room was HUGE. It had a video game machine at the end. It even had an awesome bathroom. Outside there was a playground with a trampoline and a pool, though it wasn’t the right weather for swimming. The castle even came with a cat, named Mikey. He was friendly, but a bit protective. The guy that owned the castle was really nice, and he gave us advice to go to Nice – which was really good advice.

I still don’t know what’s in Seurre, but we loved the castle. The only bad thing was that we couldn’t stay longer.

We headed down to Lyon, but we didn’t do much because dad got sick. But it was pretty relaxing – we got to stay in and watch a lot of movies! We took a drive through Lyon (on the way to the doctor) and the city looks really pretty. It had some pretty cool buildings and we had a great view. There was nothing that really intrigued me, but we didn’t actually go out much so I have more to learn.

Sullivan says:

I loved Geek Castle. It was the best Airbnb we ever stayed at. The trampoline was awesome.  I liked the army game a lot. I really liked Mikey the cat.

But I liked Reims. There are these little pink cookies (Mom edit: They’re called Biscuit rose de Reims) and they’re really yummy. I wish we could get some more.

The lady explained how they baked them twice and that people put them in champagne to eat. But we ate all of them before mom opened the champagne so we didn’t get to try it.

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