Is it Holland? or The Netherlands?

We left Amsterdam and went to stay on a Dutch organic farm.


Holland and The Netherlands were great. So we asked what the difference is, and Mommy had to look it up. The Netherlands is the whole country. Holland is actually 2 provinces, North Holland and South Holland. There are 12 provinces in The Netherlands. People who live in The Netherlands speak Dutch, but most people also speak English really well, especially in the cities.

We stayed at an organic farm for a week. At the farm there were 10 chickens. We named them Chickie Chickie, Chicken, Chickeroo and Chickerino (AKA Big Red, AKA Phyllis). We didn’t name the other 6, they were boring. There were also two birds, Sully named them Twitter and Snapchat. One was a miniature pigeon and the other was a parakeet. The pond was filled with hundreds of fish. The best of all, there were 2 cats – a boy and a girl.

Petre and Stella. Stella slept in our bed a couple of times. Petre was afraid of going inside. Stella meowed so much that we called her a Meow Grenade. She would meow us to the tap if she wanted water. She would meow us to the door if she wanted to go out.

French toast with eggs we collected

We fed the birds and the cats every day. Each day the farmer made vegetables for us to feed the chickens. We fed them squash, carrots and pumpkins as well as their regular food and what the farmer called Luxury Food. Every day we would collect the eggs. We ate eggs that had just been freshly laid. Eggs don’t really get more fresh than that. Big Red Squashed one of the eggs.

These chickens lay a lot of eggs, but unfortunately, after they get to about 3 and a half they become mean and start attacking each other and stop laying eggs. It’s sad but then they have to slaughter the chickens. It makes the farmer sad so someone else does the slaughtering and eats them. He gets new egg-laying chickens.

Aside from the farm we did some other stuff like go to the shore, exercise, go to The Hague and go to NEMO Science Museum. It’s even more fun than our Science Centre! There were so many experiments that we got to do. I think we got tricked into learning and it was fun!

When we went to The Hague we walked around the cobblestone city and found the Escher Museum. M.C. Escher was a graphic designer and an artist. He drew a lot of optical illusions and infinity pictures. To go and see those pictures was really awesome.

Hans van Bentem skull light fixture at escher museum

The museum was pretty cool. It was an old palace and I though it was awesome. The light fixtures in each room were specially designed to look like stuff: one was a spider, one was an atom bomb, one was a skull and crossbones and the sun and clouds was my favourite. “The shark one was my favourite.” Sullivan says. (Mom edit: The museum is housed in the 18th century Lange Voorhout Palace, where Queen Emma lived. A Rotterdam artist named Hans van Bentem designed 15 of the most incredible glass chandeliers for each of the rooms.)

We loved the milk and the cheese. We loved the water, canals and bridges. We even saw a bunch of windmills that were super cool. There are modern windmills like the one we have in Toronto, but also there are old-timey windmills that are still functional.


I really like The Hague. And the cats were cute!


3 thoughts on “Is it Holland? or The Netherlands?

  1. I love reading the updates and I’m really impressed with your descriptive writing, Shane! Keep it up – I look forward to reading more 🙂


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