We had an Amster-dam good time!

We just spent a week in Amsterdam.

It was pretty fun. We went out for my dad’s birthday while we were there. We spent the day wandering around Amsterdam and went to the Heineken Brewery. Don’t tell anybody but I had a sip of beer. Turns out the first stage of beer is actually called wort and it’s actually sweet. We got to see the kettles, they’re made of copper and they’re pretty cool. They gave my dad a big stein full of free beer for his birthday.

There are a lot of canals. Pretty much the whole city is built on canals and artificial islands. The houses are only 4 storeys high because the ground below is wet and marshy.

One of the canals – people live on their boats

We saw a lot of clogs. Apparently people used to wear wooden clogs but now, although people do wear clogs, they’re not made of wood. The wooden ones are for tourists!

Look mom, we’re in a wooden shoe!

And guess what? Marijuana is legal here. We saw a lot of marijuana shops and it was very very weird to us. We also went to the Red Light District. I was horrified by it because there was lots of naked women and other nasty things (mom edit: I think he means things that made him uncomfortable. We took a quick look but didn’t stay long! Shane self-censored, holding up his hands like blinders beside his eyes). They call it the Red Light District because of the red lights above the windows of the people who work there.

We went to the Anne Frank House, which made mom cry a bit. At the Anne Frank House it was a hiding spot for a young girl and her family, and another family too, during World War 2. But they were found and the Nazis sent them to concentration camps.

Going behind the bookshelf into Anne Frank’s hiding space

Anne Frank is famous because during the war Anne Frank had a diary and from that diary they could tell what it was like for a Jewish person to hide through the war. She said couldn’t have any running water after 8 o’clock. She couldn’t got outside for two years. She couldn’t make any noise and she had to walk very lightly otherwise the workers in the factory would hear her. She died of typhus in a concentration camp just before the war ended. The only survivor in her family was her dad.

We went to Dam Square and there were lots of pigeons. Somebody kept giving us rice and the pigeons would fly right onto us for it. Mom was quite insane about the dirty pigeons landing on us – but it was fun. Sully wanted to make one his pet. He’s been trying to catch one since France. One flew on top of my head. I was very happy.

We also went to Dappermarkt. It’s a big street flea market. We ate fries there that were the best ones I’ve ever had. People eat french fries with mayo here. I’m not used to that. It kind of weirds me out.

These are the best fries ever. But no mayo for me

We took a boat ride along the canal. It was really fun. The next day we took a bus ride all over Amsterdam. We even saw a real windmill. It is really cool to see these things with your own eye.


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