The Louvre

We’ve started seeing some famous places in Paris.

We have been in Paris for about two weeks or so, and we’ve done a lot of things. Except for going to the Eiffel Tower. We have seen it many times – cuz we drove past it. We would like to go up it though. But we got side tracked.

Paris is about seeing stuff. We have seen Notre Dame Cathedral, Saint Paul’s Cathedral – they had really big clam shells with water in them.

We went to the Louvre – it is a big art gallery – but it’s more like a museum because they have all kinds of statues. The first time we went it was closed, so we had to go back the next day.

The two most remarkable pictures I’ve ever seen were at The Louvre. The first most remarkable picture I’ve ever seen was The Raft of The Medusa. Mom and Dad love that painting and took us to see it.

The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault. It’s HUGE

The other remarkable painting I’ve ever seen is The Mona Lisa. It was pretty small, and it looks better on post cards and in movies than it does in real life. It’s hard to get near it and it’s behind flash-proof glass so you can’t see it that well. But it’s really famous and it’s really cool that we’ve gotten to see it.

The Mona Lisa

We were at The Louvre for like 7 hours. I really liked Napoleons place. I really liked his little bathtub. My name is all over the place! Sully was someone famous and they named lots of things after him.

“Napoleon’s bed was so teensy,” Shane says. Uh-huh, it was. I would like to meet him and see how short he is.

Some of the paintings were really big. But there was a tiny piece of art of the last meal (Mom: I think he means The Last Supper) and it had a magnifying glass that you could use to see it up close.

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