Happy New Year

We went out to Champs-Élysées for New Years Eve. It felt really nice to be out. We were really tired after though.

There was a big ferris wheel that had the colours of the French flag – Sullivan says that was also the colours of the American flag. There were lots of lights on the Champs-Élysées. Almost all the trees were lined with white, yellow and red lights. It was really fun.

We walked out to the arch. There was a big, cool light show. They played lots of music.

“I almost had a heart attack and died” said Sullivan. “So I’m not going out again, at least until tomorrow.” I think he didn’t like how loud it was, but there was a lot of music and a lot of people.

Towards the end, we started walking back. Most of the streets were blocked off. The police had full-on guns. There were snipers too. There was high security and they had to search us before we went in.

But after, we were tired and hungry. We walked half way home and realized we couldn’t do it. So we crossed the bridge and got a taxi. This was our idea and we are glad dad listened to us. When we got back to our place it was really late, after 1 in the morning. We went and got some food and went to bed.

Happy New Year!!

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