Have brother, will travel

Hi! We’re brothers, and we’re getting ready to head out on an adventure across Europe with our parents.

I’m Shane. I’m 9-and-a-half. I’ll be helping my brother write our blog posts.

I’m Sullivan. Sometimes known as Van. Sometimes called Sully. I’m the photographer and I’ll make sure our posts have lots of pictures!


While we may be missing some school time, we’re not missing out on learning. Our mom and dad are making us helping us use this blog to learn all about Europe. From geography and history to culture, politics and local landmarks, we’re going to be posting all about our experiences. We have to research the countries we visit and write about what we see.

We’re going to share with our family, friends and classmates back home, and we hope many people will enjoy sharing in on our adventures. We plan to have polls, so that you can help us decide where to go, and some video and interviews with people we meet.

Please feel free to give us suggestions, offer travel advice, tell us about cool hidden stuff that we have to see. You can email us:

Or leave us a comment, we’re looking forward to hearing your awesome ideas!


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